The Story

You could say that possibility was written in the stars! As a little girl, Astrid Mueller was intrigued with transparency and drawing. Some of her fondest childhood toy memories are of the glue you could stick onto straws and blow into gummy balloons (her babysitter called it Juppee!) and the Spirograph. Remember the Spirograph? To this day, Astrid remains enthralled with clear materials and design tools, although now she plays with Lucite and Adobe Illustrator, not Juppee! and the Spirograph (though she still owns a set).

Inspiration for possibility struck in an unexpected way. As a wedding illustrator, Astrid used to partake in inspirational photo shoots with other industry professionals for promotional purposes and to grow creatively. It was on the rooftops of New York at precisely such a shoot that Astrid was inspired at the last minute to create engraved Lucite rings as a shoot element. To her delight, everyone, including the models, loved them!

Then, whenever Astrid mentioned the rings on her business travels, she heard nothing but positive feedback and interest. Finally, a few months later, over cocktails with a photographer friend at the Soho Grand Hotel, Astrid made it official. She raised a glass to creating her own jewelry line!