#celebratepossibility meet-ups

As designer of possibility jewelry, it’s one of my big inspirations and beliefs that if you dream big and work hard, anything is possible. Recently I brainstormed with my brand ambassadors about how we could make this spirit come to life and actually DO something with this mission, to actively inspire and support other women. We came up with something really cool that we’re all super excited about! We’re starting to bring women together! First, we started a #CELEBRATEPOSSIBILITY blog challenge (see it here), and then just recently, we held a first #CELEBRATEPOSSIBILITY get-together evening!

The evening’s purpose was to help students and entrepreneurial women to believe in themselves and in possibility, get useful business resources, and to have an opportunity to network with other like-minded women. Our fist evening was a great success, everyone walked away inspired! I’ll blog about it shortly – for now here’s a sneak peek here on the left for you! Yes we also had a tv reporting team there filming us!

If you like to stay in the loop about future #CELEBRATEPOSSIBILITY meet-ups sign up for our possibility newsletter! To empowering women! To helping each other succeed! To possibility! Wohoo!!

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